Ari Noor

Professional Makeup Artist

I am  happy to plan out all the beauty needs for you and your entire bridal party for the days leading up to your wedding day, and the day of. Everything will be planned ahead of time for you, personalized for your beauty needs.

The on-location service option is perfect for brides who will be getting married further away from the salon, or would just like to relax at home or in their hotel room while receiving services.

Thank you for allowing us to service you on such a memorable occasion!

Jane Meyer

Professional Hair Artist

After more than 14 years in the beauty industry, Jane has secured her place among central Texas’ most well known beauty artists. As her clients will attest, it’s her warm heart, calm demeanor and ability to emphasizes the natural beauty in every face that has truly won the hearts of her clientele over the years. Jane specializes in bridal and beauty makeup for the everyday women and feels a kinship with all women who want to highlight their distinctive beauty with the makeup they wear. Her approach to makeup always remains stunning, flawless, yet achievable beauty. She lives south San Jose with her husband, their daughter and two dogs.

Kelly Calderon

Master Stylist

Award winning & internationally published makeup artist and owner of UMify Salon, Kelly Calderon began her beauty career with a desire to create a job out of an art she truly loved. After completing her education at ASU College of Makeup Art & Design, Kelly embarked on her career in beauty. She found herself working in the film, editorial and fashion world working alongside some of San Jose’s top photographers and models. The knowledge she gained helped cement her status as a master in her industry and she soon become one of San Jose’s most sought-after makeup artists, winning the San Francisco Fashion Week Peers Choice Award for Best Makeup Artist in 2011 and most recently, an induction into The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame in 2015.